Key Issues

Mayor Ashira Mohammed's Platform Proudly Represents Honesty, Integrity and Experience!

What I Will Fight For:

Safer Schools For Our Children

More Jobs & Economic Opportunity

Increasing Teacher Salaries

Policies To Protect Our Environment

Ban Dangerous Assault Weapons

Fighting For Our Seniors

Why Vote For Mayor Mohammed?

Experience Matters. As Mayor of Pembroke Park FL, Ashira supported events that would help all of the town’s residents – especially it’s most needy citizens; working with the rest of the Pembroke Park Commission.


Years On The Pembroke Park City Commission


Years Served As Mayor of Pembroke Park

What Ashira Established As Mayor of Pembroke Park, FL:

  • Implemented a minimum living salary
  • Reduction in Flood Insurance Costs
  • Little Free library
  • Annual back to school giveaways
  • Book scholarships (Teens + Adults)
  • Established Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
  • Pembroke Park’s Community Garden
  • Annual health fairs
  • Quarterly grocery distributions
  • Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaways
  • Blood Drives / Festivals / Toy Drives
  • Sidewalks around two elementary schools
  • Expanded lighting in town park
  • Relay for life
  • Town-wide beautification

What Ashira Will Work For As State Representative:

  • Safe Schools
  • Jobs & economic opportunity
  • Safe streets and neighborhoods
  • Affordable Healthcare For All
  • Expanding Medicaid and Kid Care
  • Protection of our most vulnerable citizens
  • Strengthened nursing home regulations
  • Protect our environment
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Protection of individual rights
  • Fight for Florida’s Children and Families
  • Reasonable Gun Control
  • Fighting For Our Seniors

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